Aki-Jade (aki_jade) wrote,

I'm not dead, really!

No, I didn't kill myself because I lost my job. Rather, I moved out of my apartment in Corvallis, and moved an hour south. Much closer to the majority of my friends. In fact, I moved in with a couple of them. Rent is pretty cheap, and over all, I'm pretty happy.

Unemployment is coming in, so at least I am able to pay my bills and have a little extra left each month. I'm trying to save up for a trip to New Orleans, but dear God it's expensive. I need $250 just for a BUS ticket.

Gas is stupid expensive lately. Probably cheaper than most placed, but I won't be surprised if it's up to $5/gal by the time the peak summer travel season hits (it's already around $4/gal now).

Going to Egil's in a couple of weeks. That will be nice. Just be able to kick back and forget for a few days that the real world exists. Just chilling in a camp chair with some vodka, wearing my garb and just... relaxing. I know it seems I have a lot of time to relax what with not having a job, but somehow... it's different.

I'm also considering starting a business. It might be feasible. I really want to open a doggie daycare. Because then I could always take my dog to work with me. :) Set my own hours (more or less), and basically just be happy. I think it would be nice. Could also be risky. So... I dunno.

That's really all I have right now. Just... chilling out. Being a bum, and living off of the government. Essentially, I'm getting paid to sit around and be awesome, which is what I've always wanted. :D
Tags: life, unemployment
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