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It was bound to happen

Well, I got fired today. For being sick and hurting my neck. How dare I get sick and injure myself! I am such a horrible person!

But seriously, that is the reason. I missed a couple days last week, and a day this week, so they fired me after 4 years.

It's not a huge surprise. I knew it was just a matter of time before management found something to fire me for. I am well aware that my managers didn't like me. That bitch was just waiting for me to fuck up. You know, because she couldn't fire me for doing bad work.

So... I am officially unemployed. I have already filed for unemployment, and I'll be going to apply for food stamps soon. You know, because when I needed the help and had a job, I couldn't get it.

The hospital will fight my unemployment of course. They always do. But I'm pretty sure I'll win. I even went to the Doctor for Christ's sake!

I have insurance until the end of the month. So I better get all of those appointments taken care of. I need my eyes checks, some cavities filled, and my lady appointment.

Huh. It's weird not having anything to do. It's been so long since I've been unemployed...
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