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Writer's Block: AIDS Walk

Do you think there will be a cure for AIDS in your lifetime? Why or why not?

Well, a sort of cure has been found. It's just a difficult cure to administer. But there has been a person that has, as far as the scientists can tell, been cured of AIDS. He was being given a bone marrow transplant due to cancer, and they managed to find a matching donor who had the genetic resistance to the AIDS virus. They did the transplant, and the patient has had undetectable levels for several years without his anti-viral meds.

Now, we just have to figure out how to make that happen for everyone.
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Man, I think Livejournal might be a dying breed. The internet has been taken over by snippets and blurbs of life, rather than long detailed entries. I understand it, and I think I am a part of the mob. I love me my Facebook. Not so big on Twitter, but that's mostly because it's been taken over by celebrities. None of my friends really use Twitter.

Oh well. That was just a thought that came to me.

The real reason I'm updating is because I finally have an interview. After 5 months of applying and being told 'don't call us, we'll call you." Someone finally called me, and I'm actually pretty excited about it.

It's at a 24 Hour Emergency Veterinary Hospital in Springfield for a Veterinary Hospital Aide. Essentially, from what I read in the Job Description, it's pretty much Housekeeping, with a little bit of filing thrown in. I'm very hopefully, because I think I would be very happy with this job. I love animals. And I really want a job. 5 months of sitting around has been fun, but I'm starting to go a little crazy. @_@
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I'm not dead, really!

No, I didn't kill myself because I lost my job. Rather, I moved out of my apartment in Corvallis, and moved an hour south. Much closer to the majority of my friends. In fact, I moved in with a couple of them. Rent is pretty cheap, and over all, I'm pretty happy.

Unemployment is coming in, so at least I am able to pay my bills and have a little extra left each month. I'm trying to save up for a trip to New Orleans, but dear God it's expensive. I need $250 just for a BUS ticket.

Gas is stupid expensive lately. Probably cheaper than most placed, but I won't be surprised if it's up to $5/gal by the time the peak summer travel season hits (it's already around $4/gal now).

Going to Egil's in a couple of weeks. That will be nice. Just be able to kick back and forget for a few days that the real world exists. Just chilling in a camp chair with some vodka, wearing my garb and just... relaxing. I know it seems I have a lot of time to relax what with not having a job, but somehow... it's different.

I'm also considering starting a business. It might be feasible. I really want to open a doggie daycare. Because then I could always take my dog to work with me. :) Set my own hours (more or less), and basically just be happy. I think it would be nice. Could also be risky. So... I dunno.

That's really all I have right now. Just... chilling out. Being a bum, and living off of the government. Essentially, I'm getting paid to sit around and be awesome, which is what I've always wanted. :D
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One month down...

Well, I've been unemployed for a month. It hasn't been too bad, actually.

I got approved for Unemployment because I was "fired due to illness, not employee misconduct" according to the State of Oregon. So I'm getting $230 a week for the next 6 months. It would have been $273 but I requested that they take out money for taxes so I don't have to worry about it next year. I also got food stamps, so that's another $200 a month. So over all, I'm doing okay. I will be moving out of my apartment at the end of April, and either moving in with my mom, or moving in with some friends down in Eugene, which is where I have been wanting to move for about a year now.

I've discovered a couple of things about myself in the last month.

1.) I like organizing events. It's fun and gives me something to do and a goal to aim for. I've been planning a regional event for my gaming group pretty much since I got fired. And it will be an awesome event. I'm excited for next Saturday.

2.) I like baking cakes. I've only tried out two recipes so far, but they have both turned out delicious. I made a chocolate Guinness cake last week (okay, I made two. I only got to eat a couple pieces, though). Everyone that tried it loved it, and I was getting compliments all night (and the person I -really- made it for even had two pieces <3). Tonight I made a Sour Cream Lemon cake. Again, it was delicious, but really, really sweet. I might cut down on the amount of sugar in the frosting when I make the next one.

Both cakes were made from scratch. The idea of using a cake mix makes me angry. Like it's cheating or something. Plus, why is it so hard to toss some flour, baking powder, salt, eggs and butter together?

So... yeah. All in all, live isn't too terrible. I'm horribly bored and live on facebook. I've looked for a few jobs, and maybe if nothing comes up I will try out culinary school in September.

I think I'm pretty happy, overall. I know my ladies (and a few guys) at the hospital miss me, and I miss them too. One of the nurses has demanded that I come back to visit and bring a cake with me, so I think Monday I will go slip into the OR with a Chocolate Guinness cake and visit for a little bit. Not like I have anything else to do. ;)
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It was bound to happen

Well, I got fired today. For being sick and hurting my neck. How dare I get sick and injure myself! I am such a horrible person!

But seriously, that is the reason. I missed a couple days last week, and a day this week, so they fired me after 4 years.

It's not a huge surprise. I knew it was just a matter of time before management found something to fire me for. I am well aware that my managers didn't like me. That bitch was just waiting for me to fuck up. You know, because she couldn't fire me for doing bad work.

So... I am officially unemployed. I have already filed for unemployment, and I'll be going to apply for food stamps soon. You know, because when I needed the help and had a job, I couldn't get it.

The hospital will fight my unemployment of course. They always do. But I'm pretty sure I'll win. I even went to the Doctor for Christ's sake!

I have insurance until the end of the month. So I better get all of those appointments taken care of. I need my eyes checks, some cavities filled, and my lady appointment.

Huh. It's weird not having anything to do. It's been so long since I've been unemployed...
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It's been a loooooooooong time since I updated. I spend most of my time on The Facebox lately. >.>

So... I've gone to three ren-faire type events this summer. Egils and Seadog, which I went to last year and were, as always, super awesome. Seadog was more fun as, for the first time, I went unescorted by any sort of boyfriend. Last year I went to both with my then boyfriend, and this year I went to Egils with a boy whom I was hoping to have a relationship with, but he turned out to be just another douchebag. Seadog was amazing. It was hot, but not nearly as hot as last year. Only in the high 90s. Maybe one day was over 100.

Last weekend I went to the Shrewsbury Faire. It was... meh. Okay. The food was pretty good and there was jousting, but other than that... it wasn't worth the $9 I paid to get in. Plus I didn't have any money really to spend there. I got a jingly coin belt and a pickle. lol. My friend Nygel let me have one of his ribs, which was really, really yummy.

Nothing really terribly exciting has happened, aside from dropping Dan like a hot potato. He decided that, after stringing me along for 6 months that he preferred to go after a 19 year old with Daddy issues. So fuck him. More fish in the sea and all that.

Like my friend Keegan. I really like him. LIKE him. Unfortunately, so to a lot of other girls. He's single and... erm... young. 21. Though he doesn't act it... generally. I've caught him a few times being silly. But he's very cute. We're going to New Orleans next week with a group of friends for a LARPing event... I'm hoping something happens. >.>

Oh yeah. I'm going to New Orleans next week for a LARPing event. It should be epic. I hope it is, anyway. We'll be staying in the French Quarter. I'm really excited. I've always wanted to have a drink on Rue Bourbon. :D And it's where all of the Anne Rice books are based. I would love to go on the Vampire tours they have, but I can barely afford to go, so I'll probably just take my own tour... with several friends and a can of pepper spray, of course.

Also, I plan on moving to Eugene. I've been really depressed for several months, and I realized it's because I have absolutely no real friends that live here in Corvallis. I was going to wait until May when my lease expired, but after Friday and getting yet another verbal beating from someone that is supposed to be my boss, and all of the bullshit that management is pulling at work, I have decided to move ASAP. I have found a nice looking apartment complex in Eugene that is less rent than I am paying now. And I will save a lot of money on gas because Eugene has both an excellent transit system and, well, I won't have to spend all of that gas money driving to Eugene every weekend. Plus my cousin has moved down there, so I will also have some family. It will pretty much be everything that I want and need in a city. :D

So... that's what's been going on since my last update. It's funny that I never update because I am on LJ all the time checking my friend's page. I guess it's just because I spend so much time on Facebook. I assume everyone knows everything. ^_^;;;
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